Recommendations for the inner packing of goods

       When packing cargo in outer protective packaging, the cargo must be correctly placed in the shipping container. In practice, it has been proven that if the cargo is incorrectly stowed, the shipping container is deformed during transportation and does not ensure its safety.

       It is forbidden to place the load in the shipping container with a shaft. Place the load in the container tightly and without gaps. When laying, use a variety of cushioning and cushioning materials: foam, rolled corrugated board or heavy paper.

       The use of shock-absorbing materials will add additional strength to the shipping container in conditions of multi-tiered loading and eliminate the possibility of damage to goods inside the shipping package during transportation and handling at transport terminals.

       Pack your shipment as shown in the pictures below.

       Attention! General packing recommendations will not ensure the proper safety of the cargo if you do not take care of the correct stowage of the cargo inside the shipping container.

       Recommendations for outer packaging of shipment

       Each shipment must be well sealed. Well-sealed or stapled boxes are more durable. Use strong elastic bands or special staples, staples, and other mechanical fasteners for sealing.

       In cases of gluing the outer packaging, it is recommended to use a special polypropylene adhesive tape. Do not tie thin rope around the package, as this may cut through the box and damage the cargo.

      The box should be sealed as shown in the illustrations.

      Please note that the carrier is not responsible for the accuracy of the information on the package. Employees of the transport company do not take into account the manipulation marks on the packaging, since, according to their experience, they often encounter a discrepancy between the contents of the packaging and the information indicated on the packaging.

      The direct consignor of the cargo is responsible for the correct packing of the cargo, ensuring its safety in the conditions of intercity, international transportation and multi-tiered loading, as well as the responsibility for informing about the peculiarities of loading and transportation of cargo.